Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!
Here's how our day went...
We carved pumpkins. Rylee's favorite part was putting the pieces back in the pumpkins, like a puzzle! I carved one, Quinn carved the other. Can you guess who did which one? I teased Quinn about even bothering to draw an outline ahead of time. He laughed back that it was a good metaphor for his life (:
Rylee was Tinkerbell. She actually let me do her hair!
(Although she cried while I did the back part...this was the only way I could get her short hair up into a ponytail, and I wound up tugging on her little noggin pretty good!)

Cailyn wore the skunk costume from Rylee's first Halloween.

Oh, and as you can tell, the weather wound up being GREAT! It snowed most of the week, but wound up being warm enough for Tinkerbell to be OK without a coat today (:

We went to our ward Trunk or Treat in a barn first. Our bishop was Edward from Twilight, complete with glittery skin! I had to laugh about that one.
Rylee was SO excited about all of her candy!
Then we went over to Hillary and Matt's for a Halloween party.
Ari as Max was definitely one of my favorite costumes of the night.
The kids did a little bit of Trick or Treating in the neighborhood...
...but it was short lived since it was starting to get cold (Rylee kept trying to go IN the houses.)
Tinkerbell walked right out of one of her shoes...
...but Cinderella managed to keep her glass slippers on. Go figure.
I give Shawn, Whitney and Pearl the prize for the cutest family costumes.
And I give Josh the prize for the scariest costume...
Luckily, Katie decided to be a bluebird to go with Cinderella instead of trying to match the White Trash!
The adults had a donut eating contest...

...and then the kids had their turn
(we tried to explain the concept of not using hands, but it didn't go over very well.)
Rylee loved these monster cupcakes that Katie made!

Pearl and Cailyn were very interested in each other.
Cailyn: "Hey, has anyone seen my lollipop?"
The little skunk scooted all over the floor throughout the party.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hot Chocolate and Hats

Yesterday I gave Rylee some hot chocolate in this Comcast mug. A few minutes later, she ran upstairs to find me and said:
"Mommy, my hot chocolate cup letters match the letters Daddy's black hat!" Smart girl.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Day

Yesterday was full of pumpkins at our house!
First, Rylee and I did an art project:
J is for Jack-o-lantern(she thought it was funny that the black paper triangles stuck to the glue stick)
Then, the girls and I met Katie and Ava at Thanksgiving Point for their fall festival. The girls had a blast!
They spent a lot of time at the princess section. They LOVED Cinderella's pumpkin carriage! They sat in it...

...behind it...
(this would have been SUCH a cute picture if Rylee were looking at the camera!)
...dressed up and then sat in it again...
...and then sat on the horse "pulling" it.While the big girls did this, I snapped these pictures of our smallest little pumpkin.
Then we went on a hay ride. Ava and Rylee watched with anticipation as the previous hay ride unloaded...
Here they are getting comfyAnd here's the whole gang
It was QUITE the bumpy ride - we all fell off our seats at one point!
Then the big girls spent a long time playing on this big structure that had all kinds of ladders and slides. I think climbing up the rope ladder was their favorite.
By this point, Cailyn was pretty tuckered out.

I wound up taking the girls home and then going back later to actually get pumpkins from the pumpkin patch to bring home - that is NOT a job to do with more kids than adults!