Friday, September 30, 2011

Big Girl Bed

 We moved about a month ago, so life has been even more of a blur than normal...
The girls' bedroom at our last house was HUGE. Which meant that there was plenty of space for two beds. Which meant that I was in no rush to get Cailyn out of her crib.
Well, since we have now moved into a house with normal-sized bedrooms, I decided it was time to change the bed situation. We got the girls bunk beds, and Cailyn couldn't be happier about being in a big girl bed!
She's still a pretty squirmy sleeper, but I don't think she's fallen out of her bed a single time...although she's come close several times.
 (Yes, we also painted the walls PINK at the girls' request...the pink glow that you see in these pictures can also be seen spilling out into the hallway from down the hall.)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

First Ballet Lesson

 The girls had been asking to take ballet class for a while, so they were thrilled when I signed them up to take lessons from our friend at church, who decided to try teaching classes from her home. Garage ballet - doesn't that have a nice ring to it? Ha! It was great though, and the girls absolutely loved it! Their first class consisted of Rylee, Cailyn and Lainey. Perfect.

I can't get enough of Cailyn trying to stretch her arms over her head. So stinking cute.

Check out Rylee's form! I was amazed to notice her natural grace in several of these pictures. Pointed toes and everything!

Lainey's attempt at touching her nose to her knee (:

Rylee: "Good job Cailyn! I'm so proud of you!"

 Back at home, the girls were still dancing...

 (Is this ballet or karate?)

Look at those pointed toes!

 Love these two tiny dancers!