Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lady Cassie

When we got home from our St. George trip, we met Cassie, the foster dog that daddy picked up while we were gone.
The girls loved her instantly
and, maybe more importantly, Mo loves having her as a companion.
Rylee insists that they are husband and wife.
She was a good fit so we adopted her. Her name, however didn't work out so well since Uncle Colin's girlfriend of 4 years is also named Cassie! Rylee wanted to name her "Fancier" (she also wanted to change Mo's name to "Jellier." Don't ask, I don't have an answer.) We vetoed that one, so instead of Fancier, we changed her name to Lady. Cassie's response when I told her was "Oh good, now I won't think Quinn is yelling at me when he's scolding the dog!"
We're about 50/50 right now with remembering to call her Lady. And if we really need her attention, she's still "Cassie"...she doesn't quite know her new name yet.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Cousins in the Orchards

While we were in St. George we decided to try to get some pics of the cousins in their Easter dresses since we wound up not being together on Easter. Oh. I guess I can't just say dresses now that we have little Roan!
Anyway, this first series cracks me up! The first picture would have been cute if Cailyn weren't covered by a balloon...
now watch the progression of Roan slipping down...
...and then being elbowed in the stomach by Rylee.

Poor little guy! I have a feeling he's going to have to put up with a lot with these girls over the years.
I think this is the closest we got to a good picture of the four of them.
So sweet!
It was Cailyn's naptime when we took these. And she acted like it.Looking for ladybugs...The Berg Family.Me and my girlies.


At the beginning of May, the girls and I drove up to St. George to watch Aunt Anne race in the IronMan competition. We got there a day early and spent time with family; Grandpa Dave and Grandma Karen and all of their girls were there, plus some of the Heiner aunts, uncles, and cousins.
The girls hadn't seen Grandpa Dave or Grandma Karen for several months, but snuggled right up to them.
We also got to spend time with some of our McNamara/Clawson family. Grandma and Grandpa Mac also drove up from Oceanside and we happened to be there to celebrate Leslie's 29th birthday
and the Bergs drove down from Provo to see everyone too. I love this picture of the cousins watching a movie together, even though it's pretty dark!
The race started early. It was quite a sight to see 1100 people swimming in the lake at the same time! This picture doesn't really do the scene justice...
In spite of my best efforts, I missed pictures of Anne in the water and on the bike ): She got out of the water about 10 minutes earlier than she told us to expect her, so I wan't ready.
But I was impressed with this guy racing with a prosthetic leg!
After we left the transition from swim to bike area, I almost stepped on this snake!
I didn't realize until later when Josh showed me the picture he took on his phone of it that my foot print was just to the right of this picture. Yikes! Luckily it was early enough in the morning that this guy was still cold and wasn't rattling or anything.

My first Anne sighting was just as she transitioned from the bike to the running portion of the race. We waited and waited and started to get concerned because she got here well after we were expecting her. Turns out she had several mishaps, including chains falling off her bike, her falling off her bike, and a bee stinging her! But, in true Anne character, she kept at it.
While we waited for Anne to make her way back to the half marathon point, we found some shade to play in
"Cailyn, Cailyn, Cailyn, Cailyn, WHOOPS Cailyn, WHOOPS Cailyn, Cailyn, Cailyn, Cailyn."
(This little song got lots of giggles out of Cailyn)(And out of Rylee and Ava as well...)
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes was also a hit...
I accidentally deleted the "Head" shot, but here's Shoulders
and Toes
and Nose!
We made our way back and got set up with our signs
in time to see her at the half marathon point.
Then we went and found a little splash pad for the kids to cool off in.
Cailyn passed out in the stroller while her clothes were drying.
With Cheetos Belly and all.

Here Anne comes down the home stretch...that's her on the right under the big white arch. Her finishing time was about an hour and a half or so slower than what she hoped for, but considering all her mishaps, I think she was pretty happy with it.
Introducing IronAnne!
Later, Cailyn and Anne compared knee owies
and Anne read bedtime stories to Rylee.
I decided that spectating an IronMan was enough of a workout for me.
So proud of my sister!