Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I now remember why I always upload my pictures in the center as opposed to the left hand side of my blog...for some reason I CANNOT line my text up with my pictures when I do it this way. After spending too much time working on it, I finally got most of the text to line up, but a few of the pictures at the beginning of the post are off.

And for those of you who get my automatic emails, please look at the actual blog for the last my efforts to align the text, I accidentally published the post before I finished it and then had to edit it (and I'm pretty sure that it only sends out an email after the initial publication.)

the joy of love: the rest of it

I should not be awake. Especially since we're nowhere near adjusted to daylight savings around here. But I've been meaning to post these forever, so once I sat down to sort through all of my pictures, I decided to stick with it and just get it over, here are the rest of my pictures from my Joy of Love photography class!

First, I wanted to add this one into the What They Wear category, because Cailyn has been wearing these nonstop since I got them for her in the dollar bin at Target!
strawberry glasses

Next, I decided to add some pictures to the Who THEY Love category, since in my original post I changed it to more of WHAT they love, which would really fall more into the category of Hobbies and Passions for the most part...


And now, we're ready to roll...
09: passions and hobbies
(see above link to "who (and what) THEY love for rugby pics...)
teaparties are a favorite hobby in our house

10: space (where they are comfortable)
watching TV on her pink whale under her blanket. and yes, naked.

11: dreams
every morning when i ask cailyn what kind of dreams she had, she tells me "ava dreams"

12: the eyes


13: routines
our carpool bunch headed into preschool. more often than not, it's hand in hand (:

14: wedding band/jewelry
trying my wedding ring on for size

cailyn's cupcake necklace

15: kiss
frame by frame...

16: together
blowing bubbles

17: staying in
playing with daddy

18: going out
the assignment was to have someone else take a picture of our group out together, and that day we just happened to be at disneyland! it's a good thing we have passes there; we've only been twice so far, but cailyn tells me almost on a daily basis that she wants to go to the disneyland castle...

19: when they're gone
mo waits in his crate

20: when they're home
mo snuggles up

21: hands
always busy

22: face (a portrait)


does this count as a portrait? it's more than her face, but i love it anyway...

23: facebook
my favorite pictures of my family as found on facebook...

24: where
quinn and i met working together selling cutco

25: when you love them the most
when they play together and love on each other

26: bromance
i have to admit, i came up short on this one...quinn's been working long hours lately...someday i will get a good picture of quinn with the bros...
27: what they say

28: the future
will be fun, but challenging at times...

...but we'll keep climbing up!

and off to bed i go...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Baby Birds and Frosting

Cailyn has been asking to make cupcakes for a several days now. So today while Rylee was at preschool, I decided to bake with her; we actually made chocolate chip banana bread muffins, but ssshhhhh...don't tell Cailyn, she thinks they were cupcakes! (Although, this recipe might as well be cupcakes for it's nutritional value...)
Anyway, she wanted to help with EVERYTHING. She tried to help me crack the first egg and I told her "Cailyn, this is a mommy job." She immediately reached for the next egg and said "This is a Cai-wyn job!" Then she proceeded to tell me that there was a baby bird inside of the egg.

*I didn't realize until I watched this back that this is what she was talking about when she said "Reindeer Cupcakes"...I'm always amazed at what kids remember!
(What a confusing place the world is for two-year-olds...mixing baby birds into cupcakes!)
She LOVED smashing the bananas! She recognized the potato masher as the same thing we use to make guacamole.

Of course, when I tried to video her telling me about the guacamole, she wouldn't cooperate. But she sure was cute "smash"ing!

As she sat down to eat her cupcake, I asked "did you make that, Cailyn?"
She proudly said "Yes, I'm a BIG girl!"

Cailyn was napping when Rylee, who apparently had a rough day (skinned knee, substitute teacher, and who knows what else), got home from preschool.
She had a bit of a meltdown...until I suggested that she eat a cupcake. But, of course, she wanted frosting. So I pulled this nasty tube of frosting out of the back of my cupboard and let her have at it.
Apparently her troubles were of the I-need-to-squirt-frosting-straight-into-my-mouth-to-feel-better sort.
Yes, that tube was FULL when I gave it to her...

Can you just see the stress of the day written all over her face? Thank goodness for cupcakes and frosting to help her unwind! (I'm pretty sure I've had that same blank stare on my face as I've shoveled cookie dough into my mouth a few times...)
I guess it was just the medicine she needed - she kept squeezing more and more frosting out the whole time she was eating.
Milk - Rylee's drink of choice to chase her troubles away.
On a side note, I have almost finished all of my Joy of Love photos...even though I didn't quite manage to do one every day, I've had fun with it and have learned quite a bit. I plan to post the pictures sometime in the next few days.