Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby, You're a Firework!!!

I'm finally into my July pictures! So now I'm only a month behind instead of 4 months behind...hopefully I can close the gap and keep it there, but we'll see; we're going to be moving in a week and a half from now into Quinn's parent's house since they're in Utah for a temporary work assignment, so things will be a little crazy for a while.
Anyway, Fourth of July was fun this year! We girls all painted our toenails red
and Rylee and Cailyn got to wear the fun pillow case dresses that Grandma Karen made for them to church on the 3rd. The were super cute and we got LOTS of compliments on them!
(Cailyn's face as she's blowing bubbles cracks me up. She blows through her teeth rather than making an "O" with her mouth.)These girls are such goof balls.On the 4th we had patriotic star pancakes for breakfastand then got in the car to go on a little hike. Lady (well, I guess technically she was still "Cassie" at this point) sat in Cailyn's lap for the drive.Of course, the girls had to pack their backpacks for the 1 mile hike.It got pretty hot out,
so we cooled off a bit in the stream.Cailyn was nervous and didn't want to come in at first,but eventually changed her mind and was glad she did.Back at home, Rylee decorated a fruit pizza while Cailyn napped.Colin, Cassie and some of their friends came over for a little barbeque and then we walked over to Brengle Terrace Park for the Fireworks show.
The girls had fun with their flags, courtesy of Gran.The girls sang the Firework song all day long. I tried to video Rylee singing it back at home...but she decided to change the lyrics up a bit:

Ever since then, she prefers to sing this song about Uncle Colin. Funny girl.
Either way, Boom! Boom! Boom!
Even brighter than the moon, moon, moon!