Sunday, March 29, 2009

Congratulations Emily and Greg!

This picture was taken on Friday night when Greg and Emily came by to announce that they are engaged! Rylee wasn't really in the mood to cooperate with taking a it's not a great one. Congrats you two! Rylee and Cailyn will be happy to have an uncle on the Heiner side!

One Sunny Day

Well, we had a few weeks of nice weather and then all of a sudden it's winter again! It snowed several times this week and was cold pretty much every day except yesterday - it was actually sunny and warm. But then I woke up this morning to CRAZY wind and then it started snowing again. I'm just hoping that by the time Easter rolls around in two weeks from now the weather will have decided to cooperate with the calender and act like Spring - I'm excited for the girls' Easter dresses and don't want to have to put sweaters over them! Silly, I know, but those are the kind of things I think about.

Cailyn is starting to "talk" a lot more lately, and she's even giggled several times in the last few days! We took her to church for the first time today (well, I guess technically we took her last week in California, but the first time in our ward) and she had lots of attention.
She is starting to hold and chew on things (like her hungry caterpillar)...

...and makes some pretty cute faces!
Rylee is as much a ham as ever! As you can see, she can't get enough of her bink (I am planning on breaking her of the habit as soon as her mites get cleared up - the doctor doesn't want her hands in her mouth. I think I'm just going to have to take them away cold turkey and go through a week or so of hell...)
On Saturday (the one sunny day) we took a family walk through our neighborhood. Rylee wanted to walk Mo, but I think that Mo wound up walking Rylee!

We stopped to see some horses, which Rylee was very excited about! She saw one of them pee and talked about it for the rest of the day! She kept saying "Horsey pee! Pink treat!" (She gets treats when she pees on the potty...and apparently on Saturday, pink was the color she would have chosen!) This also reminds me about earlier in the week when her Grandma Heiner was in the bathroom. Rylee was playing outside the door and when she heard the toilet flush she exclaimed "Grandma treat!"
When we got home I did a little yard work and in the process found this worm...Rylee was fascinated by it, but did NOT want to touch it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Leprechauns and Baby Elephants and Mites...Oh My!

Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day!

Here are the two little McNamara Leprechauns...

A little update on Rylee's foot...the day before St. Patrick's we went to the doctor and then to get x-rays of Rylee's foot. The x-rays showed that there weren't any breaks and so the doctor said it was definitely just a bad sprain and gave us the OK to encourage Rylee to try to walk...but she really didn't want anything to do with walking.
On St. Patrick's Dayafternoon, the girls and I loaded up the car with Katie and Ava and headed down to San Diego. Katie had the week off from work due to Spring Break, so we decided to drive down and surprise Grandma with her three granddaughters. The drive started off alright...Rylee and Ava colored and found ways to keep entertained.

By the time we stopped in St. George for dinner they were VERY ready to get out of the car!

Unfortunately, after dinner we still had 6 hours in the car ahead of us. Katie had the bright idea to stop at Wal Mart to buy a DVD player before getting back on the road...which kept the girls entertained for a few hours. But around 1 or 2 AM the girls were STILL awake (the dramamine we gave them apparently didn't work!) and they lost it! They screamed and cried for about an hour (they would settle down, then one of them would start crying again and the other would join in) before they finally fell asleep for the last hour of the drive. Whew!

We arrived around 3 AM and woke their Grandma Mac up - she was very happy and surprised to see them!

The next day we all slept in (c: and then in the evening we went to the park.
Grandpa had the magic touch and was able to coax Rylee into trying to walk, so she limped around the park with his help.

Here are a few pictures of Cailyn (kind of random, but oh well...) Cailyn is getting close to rolling from her tummy to back...she likes to rock an roll back and forth!

She is also really good at blowing bubbles!

And just because this one is cute!

The San Diego Wild Animal Park
was where we spent the day on Friday. We heard that there was a brand new baby elephant there, so we decided to go check it out. Rylee and Ava talked about the "baby elephant" all the way there in the car - they were excited to see it! It was a long day with no naps, but it was worth it!
Rylee and Ava "riding" the Rhino

Cailyn cruising in the stroller

Rylee and Ava riding the Merry-Go-Round (Oh yeah, and Quinn wound up using a free flight that we had to come meet us out in San Diego!)

Rylee petting the deer at the petting zoo.

Cailyn enjoying the petting zoo, too (c:

Cailyn and Grangma riding on the tram around the park.

Me and Rylee on the tram

Watching the bird show - one of Rylee's favorite parts of the day!

This kangaroo was hopping around the park on a leash!

Measuring up against a gorilla!

This baby elephant was one week old!

Rylee got a this "Blue Snake" (that's what she calls it) at the park

Saturday was a little on the cool side, but we took the girls down to the beach anyway.
Looking at a helicopter


Rylee loved the waves!

Soaking up the sun

Happy to be in the water!

Cailyn enjoyed the view from her carseat on the sidelines.
We drove back home Sunday afternoon (another LONG drive...) and got in around 1:30 AM. Then on Monday, the girls' other Grandma (my mom) and Aunt Charlotte came for a quick visit since Charlotte was on Spring Break.

Cailyn and Aunt Charlotte
Grandma Heiner (who has a knack for blinking when the camera flashes) and Cailyn
Grandma and Charlotte brought some maraccas with them, which Rylee LOVES!

We didn't get around to pulling out the camera until this morning just before they headed back to the airport...Rylee was NOT in the mood for cooperating and doing anything besides eating her here is the picture.
This afternoon I took Rylee to the doctor to check on what I thought were a bunch of warts on her hand that I noticed while we were at the Wild Animal Park last week...turns out she got some mites from the petting zoo (remember the picture of her with the deer?) So now she's on an antibiotic and has a special cream...she is having quite the month with her little body!
Well, Cailyn is screaming now, so I guess I'll be done for now.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Family Gatherings

This weekend was filled with friends, family and food! (Needless to say, it was a good weekend!) Saturday, we went to a baby shower for Quinn's cousin, Whitney, and her baby, Pearl. Pearl is about a month younger than Cailyn and it was the first time we'd gotten to see her - and what a cutie pie she is! Rylee had lots of fun playing with all of the cousins (she still is not walking, but has figured out how to crawl and climb without using her left foot...)Emma and Rylee sharing cookies on the front porch during the shower.
Pearl (the reason for the party!), Priya, and Cailyn...the three most recent additions to the Clawson great-grandchildren.

Afterwards, we had a little group come over to our place for burgers and some Rockband (our favorite pasttime these days.)
Quinn on drums, Matt on guitar...and Ava joined in with her own guitar!

Rockstars in training - Ava on guitar, Rylee singing, and Ari on drums!

Then this evening, we went to my cousin Megan's house for her little girl McKenna's 2nd birthday dinner.
McKenna blowing out the candles on her Ariel cake.

McKenna got a cool tunnel and tent set that the girls played was perfect for our crawling Rylee!

While the big girls played outside, Cailyn and Brooke played inside. Cailyn looks like a GIANT next to little Brooke! I can't believe how fast babies grow - Cailyn is just 3 months older than Brooke, and Brooke is about a pound heavier than Cailyn was when she was born. Crazy!

Later on, the three big girls bummed around in the bath tub. (OK, corny, I know...)
Then they had fun snuggling and playing in their jammies!