Thursday, December 30, 2010


Cailyn has gotten a really good grasp of the English language over the last little while. She properly conjugates all of her verbs and uses pronouns correctly almost every time (occasionally she says "me do!", but I think in the last few weeks she's been saying "I do!" instead.)
Tonight, Quinn was reading this alphabet book with her and asking her what all of the animals were, and she knew all of them. When he asked her what the unicorn was, she said
I laughed and laughed. That girl is too smart for her own good.

Christmas Morning

Santa didn't need to write names on the presents this year...Cailyn got her green present, and Rylee got her blue one! I don't have pictures of the girls opening their presents - I was videoing instead (and can't get any videos to upload for some reason...) - but Rylee did get her Baby Cruncher Knees, and has been taking very good care of her - she even gave her a name: Ava.
And there was in fact something inside of Cailyn's green present: Swiper and Boots dolls, and they have gone to bed with her every night since!
The girls also got Squinkies (you can see Cailyn's cupcake one above) from Grandma Karen and Grandpa Dave...I was surprised when Rylee opened hers and excitedly squealed "I got Squinkies!" I didn't even know that she knew what they were!

Can you tell how excited Rylee was about this Fancy Nancy Christmas book?
Grandma and Grandpa Mac gave the girls lots of fun play food
And we gave them the "Big Presents!" (as Cailyn said when she first walked out)
Grandma Karen made the girls aprons, so they were all set and have been cooking up a storm ever since!
And here they are all ready for church in their Christmas dresses the next day...

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Doors and Magnets

These are the advent calendars we used to count down the days to Christmas.Every day, the girls traded turns choosing a magnet for the cookie sheet or opening the door to see what activity we were going to do. This post is to record some of the things we did and memories we made during the "doors and magnets" days this year.
These necklaces were inside the door on December 1st, and the girls wore them all season. The gingerbread girl is Cailyn's, the Rudolph is Rylee's.
We made a gingerbread house,
ate the cute Rudolph cupcakes that Grandma made,
went to Rylee's preschool Christmas pajama party
(this is Jack...he and Rylee have a little romance going on!),
made sugar cookies
and ate them
(I wasn't lying when I said that Cailyn has a habit of sticking her face straight into her food),
and made messes out of ourselves......and everything else.
We put on Christmas shirts
and went to see Santa.
Rylee knew what she wanted Santa to bring her ever since she saw it in the store around Thanksgiving - a "baby cruncher knees." (What? You need a translation? That would be "a baby who crunches her knees." Still confused? Click here for a demo.) She talked about the baby cruncher knees all the time. Cailyn, on the other hand, had no clue; when we asked her what she wanted Santa to bring, she always said "I don't know!" That is, until we went to see Santa. Amongst the decorations that were set up around Santa's sleigh, Cailyn spotted just what she wanted: a green present. So she told Santa she wanted a green present, and from then on, that was her answer whenever anyone asked her what she wanted Santa to bring. Of course, if we asked her what she wanted inside the present, she still said "I don't know!" Cailyn hadn't talked about this green present business too many times before Rylee decided that she wanted Santa to bring her a blue present. Oh, and one more the very top left corner of the picture with Santa you can see a stuffed tiger. Just before the girls said bye to Santa, he asked them if there was anything else they wanted. Rylee looked up behind her and pointed at the tiger saying "I want that tiger!" Fast forward to Christmas afternoon, and this is the conversation Rylee had with her Grandpa Mac:
Grandpa: Did you have a good Christmas?
Rylee: Yes!
Grandpa: Did Santa bring you everything you wanted?
Rylee: No! I wanted a tiger!

Keep in mind, there had been no mention of a tiger before or since Santa's lap, until this conversation! That girl is a trap...she NEVER forgets anything!
Other fun memories this year:
-Rylee's favorite Christmas song was Jingle Bell Rock
-Cailyn's favorite Christmas song was Santa Baby...she got pretty good at singing it!
-The girls loved watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman
-Rylee played "present" several times a day...she would come up to us with a blanket, wrap herself in it, lay down on the floor and tell us to open our present; when we pulled back the blanket she would bark or meow or make some other kind of noise so we would know what kind of present we got.
-When walking around in public, Rylee loudly tells everyone she sees "Merry Christmas!" Most people would smile and tell her Merry Christmas too, but if they didn't hear her or for some other reason didn't respond, she said "Mom, they didn't say Merry Christmas!" (She is still telling everyone Merry Christmas...we've tried to get her to switch to "Happy New Year," but haven't had any luck yet.)
-When we got our nativities out, Rylee held Mary and the lamb and started singing Mary had a Little Lamb...I caught Cailyn doing the same a day or two later.

Cailyn is 2!

Cailyn turned two on December 6 - the day after the marathon, and the day we drove home from Vegas. We had a little, last minute family dinner party for her that evening.
She loves making this "cheese" face these days!
While Cailyn blew out her #2 candle, Rylee and Avery had Santa candles.
Cailyn loves this "We Did It!" Dora (she calls it her Dora Baby) that Grandma Karen and Grandpa Dave sent her.
We got her an easel, which has been a big hit!
We also got her a plasmacar...if you haven't seen them, you should watch this video. They're really cool, but hard to explain without seeing them in action! She loved it, but Rylee has kind of taken it over from her and rides it all over the house...we might have to buy another one for Rylee's birthday in a couple weeks.
The "friend party" was scheduled for Saturday...although it turned out to be another family party, because everyone else had to cancel at the last minute! Oh well - she's two and didn't know the difference and had a blast!
These are the invitations...
...and we had all of the food in the book, which means there were both cupcakes...
..and chocolate cake.
Not to mention cherry pies,
and all other sorts of yummy food! (The only thing we were missing was plums...nobody carries them in December.)
We made caterpillars
(Cailyn loves Shellie!)
and butterflies.
(Cailyn also loves sticking her face straight into her food these days.)
And I just love that she had already managed to down a cupcake and was covered in frosting before we even got around to singing Happy Birthday!
Don't forget the lollipop and ice cream cone!
At this party she was very excited about her tea set and bath tub Sleeping Beauty Barbie.
Rylee loves holding Liam.
Since we were fewer in numbers than anticipated, we didn't even touch the chocolate cake...luckily, Uncle Colin's birthday was the next day, so he got a hungry caterpillar cake for his 18th birthday! Bet not many people can say that!
(Doesn't it look just like in the book?)For the next few weeks, Rylee kept building fruit "caterpillars" on our counter...
...even after I cleaned them up, we'd find them again!

We had fun, and Cailyn was well celebrated!

Now I can do my Christmas post...but not tonight!