Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Life's Mysteries

Throwing rocks into the ocean is one of Cailyn's favorite things to do at the beach.
 In the last 5 minutes, the following questions came out of Cailyn's mouth:

What would happen if there wasn't any ground?
What is ice?
Why is water wet?

Maybe these are typical 3-year-old questions - all kids this age ask why questions. But for some reason they struck me as pretty complex thoughts for someone so little. Especially the one about the ground.

She keeps us busy, this little Cailyn Delly.


  1. just got all caught up on your blog. Love all your posts and pictures you take:)

  2. Hello there cute girl. I would love to attempt to make your girls backpacks, just so you know though it is really expensive to make. Who knew sewing would one day cost so much more then just buying the darn things at the store. So if you would like to pick out fabric and send it I will make it. I just can't afford any more fabric and you know what your girls would love. I justed approx 1/2 yard of the same for the inside but the outside I pieced out of a layer cake. (the 10" squares that are pre-cut). I have the sturdy interfacing here so you don't need to buy that and you will need to get 18" zippers, or a 22" and I'll cut it off at the end that would probably be better. either way, I will try to get to them before school starts again, I just have a ton of projects for my littles cuz all of their birthdays land in the summer. Calin is next and then lexee, oh yeah and the new one to be born in October (a boy).
    Let me know if you really want them. love you