Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kind Regards

We went up to San Clemente last night to spend time with the Old McDonald's before we move up to Sacramento. (So glad we've been able to live close to them for as long as we have!) We walked down the pier
 and then ate a delicious dinner at the Fisherman's Restaurant. After dinner, Rylee rolled up her placemat telescope-style and handed it to me, saying, "Mom, this is for Cailyn" (who was sitting in my lap).
 She continued, "It says 'Kind regards, Love, Rylee!'"
 Then she explained the drawing: "That's Cailyn (on the left) and that's her little belly (the round thing below the head that is 5 times as big), and that's me (on the right.)"
I love her illustration of the Delly Belly, as we affectionately call it (:


  1. Wow, you are moving to Sacramento? That is exciting!

  2. Kind regards to all of you. This post brought lots of smiles this morning.

  3. Kind regards to you!

    Delly belly = awesome.